Sourav Ravish

Sourav Ravish
Sourav is an experienced software engineer with a dire passion for solving real world problems using technology. He post-graduated in Mathematics and Computer Science from one of the premier institutions of India: IIT-BHU, following which he has been working primarily on creating solutions in the cybersecurity space. While not in his engineering shoes, he loves to travel around the world, to meet new people, to explore and experience their different and diverse cultures. He is a people's person by heart and relishes his conversations he could have with them, so feel free to hit him up for one!
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Attempting to Understand how Colonial Pipeline Attack was perpetrated

Posted by Sourav Ravish on Jun 7, 2021 12:06:23 PM

We, cybersecurity professionals, need to understand what happened in the Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack. Though internal details are not public, based upon what little we know from the media, let’s try to put ourselves in the shoes of the cybersecurity professionals who had to respond to this attack.

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