The Big Data Gold Rush, but where are all the miners?

Posted by Eric Konynenbelt on Jan 23, 2020 2:03:48 PM

In 2017, data replaced oil as the most valuable resource on Earth. The more data a company collects, the more it can control.

For that reason information has officially become the new “gold” in our modern technological economy.

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Topics: Splunk, Data Analysis, Big Data

How to set up SSL for Splunk Server using Let's Encrypt

Posted by Minxuan Sun on Jan 10, 2020 12:29:18 PM

In this tutorial, we will use a third-party certificate called Let’s Encrypt. Let’s Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority brought to you by the non-profit Internet Security Research Group.

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Topics: Cyber Security, Splunk

Alexa + Watson + Tableau + Slack

Posted by Dhiraj Sharan on Jan 2, 2020 9:49:30 AM

What does this have to do with my IT & Cybersecurity log analysis


Cyber threats are accelerating by leaps and bounds in frequency and sophistication. At the same time, the cybersecurity skills shortage is growing, a projected 1.8 million empty positions by 2022. Artificial Intelligence(AI) will have a pivotal role to play to halt these growing problems.

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Topics: AI for Security, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Splunk, Elastic

Be the BOSS! Taking on Splunk’s Boss of the SOC Competition.

Posted by Grant Jacobson on Dec 4, 2019 1:09:34 PM

Another Take on Splunk BOTS — Boss of the SOC — With investigative workflows and the power of Natural Language Processing (NLP)

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Topics: Threat Detection, Cyber Security, Splunk

Introducing IRIS: QueryAI's Security Concierge App for Splunk

Posted by Craig Jorgensen on Dec 4, 2019 12:55:47 PM


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Get To Know Query.AI

Posted by Dhiraj Sharan on Dec 4, 2019 12:11:47 PM

In the world of cyber warfare, cybersecurity threats to businesses are accelerating by leaps and bounds. They are fast and often out pacing organizations ability to prepare. According to a early 2019 Internet Security Threat Report published by Symantec, a single misconfigured cloud infrastructure could result in loss of millions or could create a compliance nightmare for the organization such as that of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

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Topics: Threat Detection, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Splunk, Elastic