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Posted by Dhiraj Sharan
Dhiraj Sharan

In the world of cyber warfare, cybersecurity threats to businesses are accelerating by leaps and bounds. They are fast and often out pacing organizations ability to prepare. According to a early 2019 Internet Security Threat Report published by Symantec, a single misconfigured cloud infrastructure could result in loss of millions or could create a compliance nightmare for the organization such as that of GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation.

The report stated that more than 70 million records were leaked or stolen from poorly configured S3 buckets, in 2018. As we now know, 2019 would further emphasize this fact as a lone hacker was able to gain access to CapitalOne's infrastructure stealing over 100 million consumer credit applications via a misconfigured Web Application Firewall (WAF) hosted in AWS.

Over 100 million records in a single event.

To thwart imminent disasters like those, enterprises must have a robust security posture in place. It is increasingly clear that Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Automation will help push us in the right direction to start addressing cybersecurity problems but maybe not how you think.

The challenge for any security team is where to find the people, specifically those with the information? Do you have the resources? If not can you find them? If you can how will they get the organizational context, knowledge of existing infrastructure, and the skills required to understand the available tools and become effective?

Who we are...

Query.AI was founded with the mission of making security accessible to all by focusing on the education, simplification, automation, and collaboration for security teams. Query.AI is founded by security engineers & practitioners who have spent years developing security architectures, building security operations, & creating best in class SIEM, log management, and user behavior analytics products. With recent advancements in AI and related tools and technologies, we started on our journey to build a new approach to cyber threat detection and response. One with a focus to vastly simplify security and make it more accessible to all.

Our innovation is a concierge, your personal Security Concierge, we call her IRIS!

IRIS sits atop existing security products and acts as a translator converting your natural language questions (English) into the platform specific query languages of each of your vendor tools.

  • We know all data doesn't live in one place!
  • We know every repository has a different format and query language!
  • We BELIEVE that YOU shouldn't have to worry about that!

With IRIS, you can begin decoupling your security process and programs from vendor specific tools and logic, you can stop worrying about analyst ramp time and skill level getting in the way of effectiveness.

You see with IRIS, you simply ask the questions and she does the rest, even querying across multiple platforms simultaneously without ever having to duplicate or relocate data.

Why we are...

As aforementioned, cybersecurity threats are growing tremendously and organizations must define, prioritize, and automate their security practices. We help organizations achieve proficency lowering the bar for analysts to get started and add value. Furthering these endeavors by enabling collaboration on your investigative tasks, providing answers and insights from your data. Analysts can manage and automate cybersecurity investigations then publish these workflows to their team or community driving consistency in investigations and further reducing the risks of human error.

How do we help?

Cybersecurity practitioners are more productive and successful in their job roles if they have quick and easy access to insights and answers to their questions, but first they must know what to ask, and how to ask it! Our journey has begun with cybersecurity teams using Splunk and/or Elasticsearch (ELK or SecurityOnion) for log data analysis. We continue to expand our supported integrations based on customer demand.

As a app on top of your existing platforms we want to show immediate additive value and we must be cost effective; therefore our pricing starts at 25K and tops out at 100K annually for even the largest organizations.

We WILL help you extract more value from your security teams and the tools on which you've spent so much time and money.

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Dhiraj Sharan

Written by Dhiraj Sharan

Dhiraj is the founder and CEO of Query.AI. He is an innovator and expert developer with 18 years of problem solving and solutions development in cybersecurity including over 10 patents. He has lead engineering for companies like ArcSight, HPE, Niara and Aruba.